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Homeownership is the cornerstone of The American Dream. We look forward to helping you to achieve your homeownership dreams and goals and the lifestyle that you desire.

What Every Home Buyer Needs to Know to Win in 2021/2022

Home Buying in a Highly Competitive Marketplace

You will learn how to position yourself to take full advantage of the opportunities as they present themselves in this fast moving marketplace. The difference between getting the home you really want or watching someone else moving in on your dream home can often be a matter of planning ahead of time.  As you prepare for the road ahead and develop the right expectations of this marketplace, you are positioning yourself to respond quickly when the right opportunities present themselves.

Making quick decisions and having all of the home buying preparation done in advance will give you the competitive edge to stand out from your competition. Don’t be the one who sits by and lets someone else get the home that you really wanted. The first step to getting the edge on your competition can be found in this webinar and in the home buying guides and reports. Together they lay the informational foundation to learn how to plan appropriately and what to be prepared for is the beginning of the home buying journey. Get Your American Dream… Start Here, Start Now!

Home Buyer Webinar

These are Just Some of the Topics Covered in the Home Buying Webinar:

  • Market Expectations from the Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 Marketplace
  • Expert Insights for Today’s Home Buyers
  • How to Position Yourself in a Highly Competitive Market
  • How to Develop a Successful Home Buying Game Plan
  • Interpreting Listing Price in Hot Markets
  • The Affordability Factor of The American Dream
  • Key Terms Home Buyers Need to Know
  • The Path to Homeownership
  • Determining The Best Mortgage Financing Option for You
  • Critical Mistakes to Avoid After Applying for Mortgage
  • The Seven Most Common Home Buying Mistakes and How To Avoid Them
  • Discoverng the Concept of a Home Buying Team and What That Could Mean for You.

… and more

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