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Home Seller Services

by | Oct 12, 2021

The HousingCoach at United Real Estate - Chicago

Home Seller Services

The HousingCoach℠ Approach to Home Seller Services is very systematic. There are lots of moving parts in a home sale and even more moving parts if there is a home purchase to be orchestrated as part of this transition. There are both practical and emotional components that need to be identified and planned for in order to have the most successful upgrade or downgrade transition.

All of our services start with a quick 15 – 30 minute coaching call which is a basic introductory consultation. On that call you take out your dream paint brush and start painting a picture of what the next phase or your American Dream looks like and I will ask you some specific questions about your plans, circumstances, and qualifications. If we both decide at the end of that call that we should move to the next stage, we will schedule your Comprehensive Home Seller Consultation.

As your HousingCoach℠ I will help you to develop and solid home sales game plan which will incorporate your current circumstances and your plans, goals, and dreams for the next 5, 10, or even 20 or more years into the future. In the Comprehensive Home Seller Consultation we will dive into Home Sale Profits, the Transactional Costs, and financial realities of the transition from your current house to your next home.

Once we decide to work together I will help you to:

  • Build out your Home Selling Game Plan;
  • Assemble your Home Selling (and if applicable, your Home Buying )Real Estate Team;
  • Customize and implement Your Comprehensive HousingCoach Marketing Plan;
  • Coordinate Home Showing Activity;
  • Procure Buyer Feedback;
  • Track and communicate all pertinent market activity to you during the sales process;
  • Make appropriate recommendations on any plan or pricing changes the market dictates;
  • Actively invite offers from all buyers through their agents;
  • Analyze all offers and buyer qualifications as they come in;
  • Develop, with you, a negotiation strategy for each and every offer;
  • Negotiate on your behalf to get the best possible deal;
  • Coordinate all of the transaction requirements and activities until the deal is closed.

If we work together I can promise you that we will have some laughs along the way without losing sight of the fact that Home Selling is serious business. It should be done only after the research is done, all aspects of your sale have been planned out,  you have a well crafted strategy to transition to your destination, and have assembled an experienced team of real estate professionals to help you on both ends.

Schedule your Quick Coaching Call now and let’s discuss how to make your American Dream a reality.



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